About Fiji

Welcome to the Phi Gamma Delta, Zeta Chapter website. On this site you will find relevant information if you are an alumnus, current brother, potential brother, or an interested visitor. Our fraternity has been on Indiana University’s campus since 1871 and we have a long history of community involvement, high moral values, and a strong sense of brotherhood. Our brothers have leadership positions and high involvement in many campus groups and activities; striving to have a positive effect on our campus and surrounding community. The bonds of brotherhood formed at Phi Gamma Delta will create lifetime friends and memories.

Over this past year, the brothers of the Zeta Chapter continued to excel in all areas. The brothers set the record for the highest semester GPA in over two years with a 3.35.

Other national awards from this past school year include:

  • Jordan Bowl
  • Honorable Mention Brightman Trophy
  • Honorable Mention Zerman Trophy
  • Certificate of Super Academic Achievement
  • John Templeton McCarty Proficiency Award

Thanks to all the Brothers for their hard work this year. We continue to look for ways to improve and we are excited to make this upcoming year even better.

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