Fact Sheet

Fast Facts

Name: Phi Gamma Delta

Nickname: FIJI or Phi Gam

Founding Date: May 1, 1848 at Jefferson College, Canonsburg, PA

Zeta Chapter Founding Date: May 22, 1871 at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Famous Brothers


Calvin Coolidge – President of the United States, 1923-29
Johnny Carson – Former host of The Tonight Show
Alan B. Graf, Jr. – Executive Vice President and CFO, FedEx Corporation
Neil Gorsuch – Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court
Jeff Fettig – CEO, Whirlpool Corporation
Jack Nicklaus – Professional Golf Champion
Kenneth Blanchard – author of “The One Minute Manager” & other leadership/motivational books
John Ritter – Actor, “Three’s Company”
Norman Vincent Peale – World-Renowned Theologian
Phillip Knight – Founder, Owner, & President of Nike Corporation
Roger Penske – Auto Racing Champion & Team Owner, Marlboro Racing Team
Dean Smith – Former Head Basketball Coach, North Carolina Tarheels
William J. Crowe, Jr. – Former Chairman, United States Joint Chiefs of Staff
Matthew Fox – Actor, “LOST”
Morgan Spurlock – Actor/Director/Author, “Super Size Me”

Membership Benefits


Leadership Development:

The Fraternity has teamed with Dr. Kenneth Blanchard, fellow Phi Gam and author of “The One Minute Manager,” to develop a cutting-edge leadership development program called “Taking the Lead.” This four-part program uses a bottom-up approach to develop leaders throughout their college years.

Academic Assistance:

The Fraternity encourages and enhances academic performance through tutoring and study skills education. Our chapters consistently surpass the All-Men’s and All-Fraternity averages.


The Fraternity’s Educational Foundation offers over $340,000 in scholarships, which members can apply for right away. All men who achieve a 3.0 or better during their new membership semester will receive $250.


Phi Gamma Delta strives to be competitive in intramural sports. We play to win.

Career Development:

Graduate brothers offer real-world education in a variety of career fields some will offer internships and employment networking.


The Fraternity places a strong emphasis on serving others. Philanthropic projects are a major focus of activity for Phi Gamma Delta. Phi Gamma Delta’s International Philanthropy is The Red Cross.


Phi Gamma Delta feels a chapter house provides an added benefit to the fraternity experience, and we are pleased that nearly 90 of our chapters live in some form of Greek housing. All new Fiji houses are alcohol-free facilities this promotes academic excellence in a clean environment.


The semi-annual magazine entitled “The Phi Gamma Delta” is sent to brothers to update them on the activities of the Fraternity on an International scale.


Every January, brothers from all over North America gather for a three-day leadership academy to learn leadership skills, discuss chapter development, and share their best practices. Every January, our Fiji Leadership Academy is held in St. Louis, Missouri.


Every other even-numbered year, Phi Gamma Delta hosts its Ekklesia where undergraduate members conduct the business of the Fraternity. The Ekklesia is held in various locations where strong graduate support can lend assistance in planning.

International Brotherhood:

No matter where you go, Phi Gamma Delta has chapters across the U.S. and Canada. You will enjoy the advantages of brotherhood throughout your lifetime. Phi Gamma Delta is truly “Not For College Days Alone.”

New Member Education


  • There is no hazing allowed in Phi Gamma Delta at any time, for new members or brothers.
  • The education program consists of an 8-week process of learning Fraternity history, chapter operation and personal development. Meetings are held weekly and are taught by graduate brothers in the local area.
  • New members learn from the “Purple Pilgrim,” our source for the Fraternity’s history, characteristics and values.
  • A retreat is held on a weekend within the first month of new membership to chart the course for the future.
  • New members are required to achieve a 2.5 cumulative GPA in order to be initiated, although 3.0 or greater is preferred to apply for membership. We intend to have the highest academic rank among all campus organizations.

Financial Information


New Member Fee (one-time fee) – due at time of new membership

Initiation Fee (one-time fee) – due at time of initiation. Includes cost of fraternity badge, membership certificate, opportunities for educational scholarships and grants, and membership dues for the first year.

Liability Insurance/Membership Dues – per semester. Covers various services from the International Headquarters and provides comprehensive liability coverage for members involved in colony activities. For new members, this fee is due after initiation. For new colonies, this fee is due after the first year of operation.

Colony Dues – decided by the colony members (amount varies). Used to cover all major operating expenses such as social events, supplies, new member education materials, recruitment events, graduate events, publications, etc.

Additional Information about Phi Gamma Delta


Values & Ethics:

We were founded 159 years ago as an organization composed of men who are committed to the values of Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality, and Excellence. Today, those values are just as important, if not more so. Everything about our organization is rooted in these principles.

Graduate Involvement:

There are numerous graduates who volunteer to assist a Delta Colony. A specific group of them, known as the Board of Colony Advisors, will meet with t he undergraduates on a regular basis to offer assistance and guide the Colony in the right direction.

Parental Involvement:

We encourage the involvement of parents. The concept of family is extremely important to our Fraternity, especially since Phi Gamma Delta is a man’s “home away from home” during his collegiate years.

Risk Management:

Phi Gamma Delta is adamant about following the law when it comes to the consumption and/or distribution of alcoholic beverages. 21 is the law Alcohol was not a founding principle of the Fraternity and will not be an aspect of Phi Gamma Delta.

Zero Tolerance:

Phi Gamma Delta does not permit illegal drug use in any way, shape, or form. Drugs and Fiji don’t mix any man who is discovered to have involvement with drugs will be immediately expelled.

International Headquarters Support:

All Colonies receive special attention from the International Headquarters staff in Lexington, Kentucky. Brothers from Headquarters will visit the Colonies regularly and communicate weekly with Colony leadership.

The Phi Gamma Delta Priorities: